I am currently represented by Brenda Manley Designs. To license or purchase any of my designs, please contact Brenda Manley at www.brendamanleydesigns.com

about my work

I get my art inspiration from all around me: the flowers and bugs in my garden; the local beaches and rainforests of Vancouver Island; vintage fabrics and children's books; and the wonderful diversity of different people and cultures. Our world is an amazing and beautiful place!

I work mostly digitally (I love the Procreate app on my iPad), although I'm never without my trusty sketchbook and pencil for whenever inspiration hits and I enjoy experimenting with different media and techniques. I particularly love colour, texture and cute icons and I am comfortable using both Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.

Hello. This is me, Bex Morley.

Hello. This is me, Bex Morley.

about me

I'm originally from Suffolk in the south of England, but moved to Vancouver Island, western Canada, with my husband and kids in 2009. I love living here and I love visiting UK every year to see my family and friends. My kids are pros at long haul flights!!

I've been drawing and making things for as long as I can remember - from doodling on every available surface and making clothes for my stuffed toys when I was young, to studying Creative Arts at university. I have recently found the time to focus on my art once again, and pursue my dream of being an illustrator and surface pattern designer. Now that art is a priority in my life once again, I couldn't be happier.

Fun Facts

  • I am a classically trained singer and pianist. I still teach piano and sing with a local choir.

  • I spent two winters as a Canadian Ski Instructor.

  • I make my own jewellery out of natural beads, Thai silver and knotted Irish waxed linen.

  • I grew up in my parents' restaurant and consider myself a 'foodie'.

  • I am intolerant to chocolate and caffeine. So unfair!!

Bex Morley. Rain Cloud.